Centennial College will be closed for the Holidays from December 24, 并将于周二重新开放, 1月4日, 2022. For the latest COVID-19 information and news from Centennial College, 请访问“2022年冬天再次相聚”.



As a Centennial student, you have access to health coverage. 警卫.me provides international student coverage and 我们说话的学生 提供国内学生保险.


警卫.me offers a comprehensive health insurance plan that covers all registered international students at Centennial College. 这个保险是强制性的. 健康保险政策, which is valid all over the world (excluding your country of origin), provides coverage for emergency medical services.


我们说话的学生 is a leading provider of student benefit plans across the country — and it is bringing a fantastic plan to domestic Centennial College students. For the same $75 per semester (still by far one of the lowest fees in the province for benefit coverage), as a domestic student you now have basic dental and vision coverage, and access to a 24/7 Student Assistance Plan (SAP). This coverage is in addition to existing prescription and paramedical benefits.